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Sophelia strikes

Madame Sophelia went out for the day. She smelled mice outside the house. She was curious enough to play with it. When she found it she got ready to pounce. And then she tried to bite it. It has suddenly disappeared!
Meow? She purred in confusion. It was something she did not understand. Mice were there for her entertainment. As were boxes!

An hour later Mary came home with a bunch of bubble wrap and a box. (This is totally random and Mary cant actually read cat thoughts.)

“Sophelia?” Mary said. Hoping to see her reaction.
“I bring gifts…” Mary began.

Sophelia came out from the scratching post and made her way towards the bubble wrap.
“What have we here?” Madame Sophelia purred.
“Bubble wrap! Its fantastic! Try walking on it!” Mary suggested.

Madame Sophelia strolled onto the bubble wrap. The first ‘pop’ made her jump!
she slinked away for a minute…
She tried again.
The third time she began hissing…

Mary snorted. She decided that bubble wrap and cats did not mix.

“Try the box? Its more enjoyable.”
Madame Sophelia agreed!

Madame Sophelia loved boxes! She jumped right in. Her pupils dilated. Mary spent the next hour playing with a string toy. Madame Sophelia was cute when she pounced.

“Can I keep the box?” Madame Sophelia asked.
“As long as you dont bring in mice…” Mary laughed.

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