Inspiration behind Madame Sophelia and the possibility of a children’s book.

So I was hoping to write about cats, the possibility of a children’s book and the inspiration behind Madame Sophelia.

Cats can catch mice… which is stating the obvious. Cats love to nap. They love to sharpen their claws… even on the furniture! Cats come in many colours. With fur and without. So what would happen if they could talk?

Madame Sophelia is mainly inspired by my cat Sophie. (I have included photos) She has a spirit of adventure and mischief. I had a few cats before her. Dan, Lily and Loco. She only met Loco since the other two ran away. We got her when she was about 9 weeks. She was absolutely adorable! (and still is)

The Adventures of Madame Sophelia follows random episodes of Sophelia’s life in Mary’s house after she gets bought at a cat shelter. I am planning to continue adding to it. Its already over 15 pages! It is available on Kindle. The first few episodes are under the Menu tab.

I am working on creating a children’s book with Madame Sophelia. (suitable and interesting for children) I don’t know how to write for children that well. I hope its not to difficult. It might also help to find an illustrator since I cant draw very well… I can paint but not draw for some reason.

I am still working on Portals of Edris. It is at draft 8 at the moment. I am going to work more on it this month. I also have work to do for the two university units I’m taking so that will keep me busy!

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