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Puppets and Animal toys

So I’ve become a puppet person. I like to play with puppets. Karl is my favorite. He goes almost everywhere with me and likes to pose for photos. I also have about 20 small koala toys from the souvenir shop. I haven’t given them all names. I have chosen only a few which I randomly call Henry or Sally. Sometimes these names: Rachel, Ben, Lisa and Jasper.

I like to make videos of karl and the koalas. The koalas can be placed in order to create letters. Such as Merry Christmas. OR I love cats. (Which I’ve actually done before)

I might mention them in a story with pictures. So that should be interesting.

Here are the names:

Hand Puppets
Bella the bear
Anita the dog
George the sock puppet
Karl the Kangaroo
Orion the owl
Frogalicious the Frog

Stuffed Animals
Charles the bear
Hunter the tiger
Kevin – Koala 1
Eliza – Koala 2
Paul the Kangaroo
Kelly the Kangaroo


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