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The Plane (Jan 12th 2019)

I am on the plane. The lights flick off. The plane is slowly moving into position in order to take off. The gum I am chewing is helping me to calm down. The watermelon flavor is refreshing.

We are about to take off!

I can feel the shoulder of the person I am sitting next to.

The plane is accelerating!

Lights flash outside

The seats begin to shake.

Then I get the feeling of lightness suddenly.

We are now in the air.

The lights of the city of Perth are now below us. We are now on our way to Sydney.

The seat feels small. It will take a few minutes to get used to it.

Karl is enjoying being in the pocket of the chair in front of me. He is excited to go to America. It will be his first time flying.

It is much cooler than I thought it would be.

It is strange to be writing on a plane.

I wonder what sort of things I will be doing in Arizona. It will be nice to be back after two years.

I’m hoping to see a few movies and cultural things. I am also aiming to finish reading the books I brought with me and to edit a friend’s book some more. It would be nice to go to Sedona of Flagstaff.

Karl does not like the airplane smell. I agree that it is unpleasant. Hopefully the international flight won’t be as bad.

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