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Karl (part 1. The crow)

The suns light reflected off the surface of the lake. Karl spent an hour throwing stones which bounced across the lake. He was eating crackers and cheese. Soon he grew bored. A crow landed a few feet away from him. It was eyeing his crackers.
“Shew away” he told the crow.
“Im hungry.” The crow croaked.
“Hello hungry!” Karl laughed.
The crow waddled closer.
“Me eat food.” The crow pleaded.
“Okay. Say the magic word first.” Karl said. He hid the crackers in a bag.
“Where it go?” The crow was confused.
“Say the magic word!” Karl said. Losing patience.
“Pwease.” The crow croaked.
Karl sighed. He threw a cracker at the crow.
The crow gobbled it up. It then started waddling in a circle.
“Are You dancing?” Karl asked.
“What is dancing?” The crow wondered.
Karl pulled a few moves.
“Watch me jamming.” Karl laughed.
The crow continued dancing.
That day, karl became freinds with the crow.

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