Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon

Currently in Flagstaff. It’s freezing cold! Going to the Beariona park and the Grand Canyon. We had thai food last night for dinner. Karl stayed in my bag. The Grand Canyon was epic. Only stayed for about an hour.


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Puppets and Animal toys

So I’ve become a puppet person. I like to play with puppets. Karl is my favorite. He goes almost everywhere with me and likes to pose for photos. I also have about 20 small koala toys from the souvenir shop. I haven’t given them all names. I have chosen only a few which I randomly […]

Literary Agents

I am currently looking for a literary agent in Perth. It’s a bit early considering Portals of Edris is still being written. I’d still like to get an agent before I get the book published. I have already contacted three. One doesn’t do Fantasy and I made the mistake of contacting them by email. Any […]

The Plane (Jan 12th 2019)

An airplane experience