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The painting

She let the brush do all the work. It ebbed and flowed. She painted the sky as she imagined it would be on a summers day. The colours intermingled and gave life to the painting.
The stick figures were confused. Why were they in the sky? Why was there a giant dog? Was it going to eat Them?
Helena laughed when she saw the stick figures looking confused. She then went to paint them a house.
“Who the hell are you.” One of stick figures with half a leg said.
Helena dropped her paint brush in shock.
“You can talk?” Helena asked in amazement.
“Sure can missy!.” Another stick figure said. This one didnt have hair.
Helena fell to the floor. She closed her eyes. Wondering if the painting would go back to normal.
“Are you okay missy?” Gertrude asked. (The one with half a leg.)
Helena opened her eyes. Fortunately she didn’t faint!
Jerry and Gertrude smiled at her. (As much as stick figures could smile. Which was difficult to be sure.)
Helena wondered what she should do next. Maybe draw Gertrude and Jerry a tea set?

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