The painting

She let the brush do all the work. It ebbed and flowed. She painted the sky as she imagined it would be on a summers day. The colours intermingled and gave life to the painting. The stick figures were confused. Why were they in the sky? Why was there a giant dog? Was it going […]

Sam and Amanda

The book opened. In its pages were still images. When the book was opened these images came to life. Soon the two images exited the book. They increased in size. “Where are we?” Sam asked. “In a library i guess.” Amanda replied. “How did we get here?” Sam wondered. One minute i was staring at […]

Story on kindle

Madame Sophelia is on kindle. Madame Sophelia Im still waiting for Trail of Crystal Waters to be published. Im thinking of sending it to Aurealis. Submissions dont open yet. Also the ending needs to be changed. What should i write? Also beta readers for Portals of Edris would be wonderful. Suggestions and feedback would be […]