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Christmas is for Cats

Madame Sophelia was minding her own business when Mary came towards her and put reindeer ears on her.

She tried everything to get them off.

She rolled on the floor. She ran back and forth. She even rubbed against the sofa.

Mary took photos. She laughed the whole time.

“How dare you find amusement in my struggles. Get it off of me!” Madame Sophelia hissed.

Mary stopped laughed for long enough to get the antlers off.

“Finally. Now get me some tuna.” Madame Sophelia asked.

She decided against attacking the Christmas tree.

Whats the big deal about Christmas anyways?” Madame Sophelia wondered.

“Christmas is for cats.” Mary joked but Madame Sophelia believed her.

“Of course it is!” Madame Sophelia huffed

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