The Avocado Child part 2


He was wondering where he was. It was very cold. He was surrounded by vegetables. How did he get here? He wondered where his parents were. The next minute a hand came out of nowhere.

“Ahh.” He screamed.
“Good riddance. It talks.” A human exclaimed. The hand left the avocado child alone.
“Wait don’t leave.” The avocado child begged.
“I won’t eat you. Maybe you could look after my garden?” The human said.
“I’m fine thanks. No thanks. I am content staying here.” The Avocado child huffed.
“Well. Good luck avocado.” The human left.
“Wow. How did that human know my name is avocado?” The avocado child said confused.
The next day it had become a frozen avocado.

Published by ArianaRose

I’m hoping to become a writer, playwright & novelist. I'm also considering becoming a Historian or librarian at this stage in life. I'm looking for opportunities in performance writing and publishing short stories in literary magazines. I study English and Creative Writing at university.

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