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Desmond Travellers part 2

He was scared.
How was he going to get out of this situation?
Samantha was walking by when she heard a cry for help.
She saw Clive precariously holding on to the rock. She went to help him.
“Give me one of your hands!” She asked Clive.
Samantha pulled Clive up. He looks down and realizes he was only 2m from a viewing platform.
“Thank you.”
“No worries”
“My name is Clive.”
“Nice to meet you. My name is Samantha.”
She was quite pretty. It made Clive nervous.
Would you like to have lunch?”
“Sure. Would love to have lunch.”
“Great. We can go to the restaurant.”
Samantha ordered sweet potato fries and a hamburger. Clive ordered fish and chips
“So what brings you to the Grand Canyon?”
“I wanted a break from a dead end job.”
“So did I. How strange. I want to be a singer.”
“I want to be involved in backstage theatre.” Clive
“We are quite similar.” Samantha
“Yeah I guess so.” Clive
“So why are you here? Samantha
“I’ve been dreaming of traveling the USA.” Clive
“Like road tripping?” Samantha
“Yeah.” Clive
“And you decided to start with the Grand Canyon?” Samantha
“Well I’ve always wanted to go here.” Clive
“It was nice to meet you.” Samantha
“Are you leaving? Arent you going to pay for your lunch?”
To be continued

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