Desmond Travellers Part 1
He was tired.
Tired of working in the same dead end job.
The paperwork and the annoying colleagues.
The monotonous routine.
He just wanted a vacation!
Where could he go?
How soon could he escape?
He decided he would visit the USA.
Arizona to be specific.
Maybe he could go to the Grand Canyon.
He booked the tickets that evening.
He printed his itinerary.
He would leave in three days.
There was a lot to do before he left.
He packed and cleaned his house.
He found someone to look after his dog Adam.
He rang his parents.
Soon he was at the airport.
He went down the escalator and went to a counter to get his tickets.
Then he navigated his way through customs and made his way to the departure lounge.
He waited about an hour.
He then boarded the airplane.
The flight attendants danced during the safety video for a change.
It made him laugh!
He watched a movie.
Then it was time for dinner.
He had ravioli and salad. It was delicious.
He watched another movie.
He blacked out.
When he woke up the plane was landing.
It was very bumpy.
He got off the plane and collected his baggage. Then he hired a taxi to take him to the closest hotel. It was very cheap. Only $80 a night.
He booked into the hotel for three days.
The next day he drove to the Grand Canyon. It took him about three hours to get there.
He began to take photos. The Grand Canyon was breathtaking. The soil was a copper red and the air was dry. An eagle circled above. In the distance he could hear cars.
It was a very silent place yet also busy.
He was walking towards the information center when he slipped.
He hanged onto the rock. Trying not to look down…


I’m hoping to become a writer, playwright & novelist. I'm also considering becoming a Historian or librarian at this stage in life. I'm looking for opportunities in performance writing and publishing short stories in literary magazines. I study English and Creative Writing at university.