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The Vet

There was something wrong with Madame Sophelia! She was starting to pass gas and getting bloated. Mary did not know what to do. How was she going to get Madame Sophelia to the vet? It would be Madame Sophelia’s second visit that month.

The next day Mary had to persuade Madame Sophelia to go to the vet.
She had to tempt her with tuna or mice.

“Good morning Sophelia. Good morning Prince Alexander. Would like like tuna?” Mary began.

“Don’t mind if i do.” Madame Sophelia purred.
Prince Alexander huffed. He wanted tuna too.
“Yes please.”

Mary laughed.

She opened one can of tuna and gave it the Prince Alexander.

“Thank you human.” Prince Alexander purred.

“What about me?” Madame Sophelia asked Mary.

“You did not say the magic word!”

“Cheese… i mean please!” Madame Sophelia purred.

Mary sighed before opening a second can and tuna and put it in front of Madame Sophelia.

While they were eating, Mary decided to break the news.

“You need to go to the vet Sophelia.” Mary began.

“No i dont.” Madame Sophelia huffed. She then passed gas.

“Ive made my point…” Mary laughed.

She got a third can of tuna and put it into the cat travel cage.

Sophelia huffed again. She finished with her first can of tuna then went to get her second inside the cage.

Mary carried her to the car.

Madame Sophelia began to sing.

Fishy fun. I want some sun. Mice mice i can smell. Mice mice are swell.”

Mary tuned Sophelia out.

They finally reached the vet. Madame Sophelia had finished her tuna.

They saw the vet. Madame Sophelia had gastro.

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