I am looking for beta readers for my novel Portals of Edris. Have a look at it before it gets published. It is currently only 25 pages. Any feedback would be amazing and appreciated.

Please comment here or contact me through email.

I will be aiming to lengthen it and then review it before sending it to publishers.

Here is the prologue:

The Will
The office was not well maintained. It was quiet except for the ticking of the grandfather clock. A painting took up most of the wall opposite the door. It also smelt quite stale. There was a lot to get through. Catherine was sad. Her great uncle had just passed away. She was there for a will reading. She began to grow restless. She needed to know that her children were okay. The will reading was getting boring.
Derrick the will reader was very serious. His tone solemn to fit the occasion. The minutes passed away slowly. Derrick cleared his throat. “We are nearly finished Catherine.” Catherine sighed in relief.
“Can you give me a summary?” she asked.
“Toby left each of your children $5,000. You received $20,000 and inherited the Harford Castle.”
“Wait. I inherited a castle. That does not sound right!” Catherine was shocked! What was she supposed to do with a castle? The children would probably enjoy it, but it would be more difficult looking after them. Who knows what sort of mischief they’d get up to!
“This now concludes the will of Sir Toby Harford.”
Catherine was relieved it was over. She shook Derrick’s hand and stood up. Catherine was glad the will reading was finally finished. She needed to get back to the children. She had three children. The youngest was seven, the second was eleven and the eldest was 14.
Her husband had gone missing a year ago and so she was left to raise their three children alone. She really missed him. She was going to have to find a babysitter if they were going to move to Harford castle.
She was wondering how she was going to find a babysitter. She decided to make a short ad to put in the local newspaper and on a few noticeboards around town. It was going to take about a week to get everything sorted. There was a lot to sort through in the house and she had to check out the Harford Castle before the kids saw it. Just to see if it was suitable.

So then began the search for a babysitter.


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