Publishing opportunities
I have a few options in regards to publishing opportunities. Kindle or literary magazines.

Current Short stories
Trail of crystal waters is going to be submitted to a magazine. I just don’t know which one yet. It did not work on kindle so i took it down. The Adventures of Madame Sophelia is on kindle. It had been put all together. It is nearly 15 pages so far!

I am also working on a short story titled Tasty Shoes. It is about 2500 words ao far. I am still figuring out how to conclude it properly. I have trouble with endings.

Next post
Eroded has been added to. Im hoping to make it longer. Three friends go searching the desert near the terraba nuclear plant for giant mutant worms. Will they make it back alive?

Other projects

Across the Pond- childrens play. Environmental themes and talking animals
The Clandestine Aristocracy

Portals of Edris
Become a beta reader for my first novel: Portals of Edris. I will be lengthening it more each week. I will try to send an updated draft once a week until i publish it if possible.

Website email:

Other news

I will be going to the USA mid January. I will aim to post at least once a week.


I’m hoping to become a writer, playwright & novelist. I'm also considering becoming a Historian or librarian at this stage in life. I'm looking for opportunities in performance writing and publishing short stories in literary magazines. I study English and Creative Writing at university.