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Madame Sophelia versus Francis

Mary met a man. He is not allergic to cats thank goodness.

“I’ve met somebody.” Mary told Madame Sophelia.

“Like a dog? Was it stupid?” Madamr Sophelia asked.

“No. He is human.” Mary sighed.

“Oh okay. Is he weird?” Madame Sophelia questioned.
“Who is this human?” Prince Alexander asked.
“I’m dating him.” Mary tried to explain.

Madame Sophelia was absolutely confused!

“What is dating?” Madame Sophelia asked.

“It’s difficult to explain. We are together more than friends!” Mary continued.

“Do you lick each other’s backs?” Madame Sophelia asked Mary.

“No… that’s a weird question.” Mary sighed.

“His name is not human. It is Francis.” Mary explained.

“Is he French? Say gracias for me?” Madame Sophelia wondered.

“That’s Spanish not french. And no he is not.”

To be continued

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