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Three friends (Lesanne, Ivan and Leo)

They look under rocks.

“I can’t find it anywhere.” Leo
“What are we looking for again?” Ivan
“Worms from the Terraba nuclear plant.” Lesanne
“Couldn’t we have just called a taxi?” Ivan
“I seriously don’t want to have heat stroke.” Leo

“I’m getting tired of your incessant complaining!” Ivan
“Oi, Stop it you two!” Lesanne
“Bloody despicable!” Leo
“There doesn’t seem to be any waste or worms here.” Ivan
“My back is all itchy.” Leo said.
Leo looks around in confusion.

“I don’t have enough sunscreen.” Ivan complained.
“Don’t wear a muffin top next time, dope.” Lesanne
Leo’s back is covered in welts. The welts began to spread.

“I’m seriously considering turning back.” Lesanne

“where the hell is the hospice?” Leo screamed.

Leo’s back erupts. A giant worm falls to the ground.
“Very unpleasant looking.” Ivan
“There goes my lunch.” Leo
Lesanne screams in distress.

Ivan tries to shoot his tranquilizer but draws a blank shot.

Leo is almost eaten by the worm. His phone begins to buzz. The worm is freaked out by the phone. It goes to borrow into Leo’s back to find shelter.

To be continued…

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