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Portals of Edris

I am writing a novel. I have currently only written 15 pages so far. I have a little for each chapter so far. There will be 20 chapters. I am aiming to have the novel sent to a publisher before I go back to university next March.

I am looking for Beta readers. Please send me an email if you are interested in becoming a beta reader.

Here Is a little bit about the novel.

Annabelle is just an ordinary 20 year old working at a bookshop. One day she comes across an ad on the bulletin board outside. It is an ad from a mother of three looking for a babysitter. Annabelle applies for the job and is quickly hired. She does not expect to help the family move into a castle!
After a week of helping the family move she finds a strange book in the library. It has instructions for creating a portal! She thinks about all the possibilities. The mother is left behind to worry at the castle. What ensues for them next takes them on an adventure of a life time! Looking back is not an option.

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