Beta Readers for Portals of Edris

I am looking for beta readers for my novel Portals of Edris. Have a look at it before it gets published. It is currently only 25 pages. Any feedback would be amazing and appreciated. Please comment here or contact me through email. I will be aiming to lengthen it and then review it before […]

Flash Fiction 2

Helena was having the time of her life. Who knew the wiggles could be so entertaining? She had found her groove. Her boyfriend thought her fascination was strange. He did not know what he was missing…

Publishing Opportunities

Where should I publish Trail of Crystal Waters and Tasty Shoes? I’m nearly done with writing Tasty Shoes and Crystal Waters has been waiting to be read for a couple years. Any suggestions would be amazing!

Balance and Study

Maintaining a balance between studying and the rest of your life can be difficult. Studying can be the focus of your life without it being the only thing you do. Having a healthy lifestyle and spending time with friends is something you don’t want to neglect. Some examples of good time management may be to […]

Denise’s Decision

Leaves fall from the trees, The flowers were in bloom. The sky was clear. Here I could release my thoughts, There was a slight breeze. It made me want to sneeze! Her thoughts began to meander. How was the earth made? Why was she born? The sea breeze gave her tranquility She had to find […]