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Television Troubles

Madame Sophelia was enjoying her day. She had the wiggles on repeat. It was her favorite show on the television. Her least favorite wiggle was the yellow one. She did not like yellow for some reason.

Mary was finding out more about Madame Sophelia’s personality every day. She liked mice and tuna. She also for some reason liked caviar. Sophelia liked her tummy being petted and long naps.

She was knitting a mini sweater when she heard madame sophelia begin to hiss. She was confused and looked up from her knitting.

The television had stopped working. The screen was blurry and glitchy!
Madame Sophelia was devastated. She loved the wiggles.

Mary turned the television off and on. It worked but it was no longer the wiggles…

It was a documentary about monkeys!
Madame Sophelia was absolutely terrified! Mary laughed. She thought the monkeys were cute.

“Quick Mary… change the channel!” Sophelia begged her.

Mary changed it back to the wiggles. Madame Sophelia calmed down and began to sing along. Then she sang something different from the wiggles.

Mice mice in a hat
Mice mice on the mat
Mice mice juicy as can be
Mice mice make me as happy as a flea
Mice mice in my tummy
Mice mice all so yummy!

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