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Picnic at the park

Mary was relaxing with her mum and sister at the park. She was having a wonderful day. She then went to open one of the picnic baskets… only to find Madame Sophelia sleeping. Madame Sophelia was squashing the food beneath her. Mary was annoyed. She had not expected Madame Sophelia to join them on their picnic.

“What are you doing here Sophelia?” Mary asked her, waking Madame Sophelia from her nap.

” huh? I was just minding my own business wondering where there was more tuna. I was trying to avoid Prince Alexander and found my way into this basket. Before i knew it… i was asleep!” Madame Sophelia responded.

” Fascinating… now get out and join us on this sunday picnic!” Mary said.

The quartet went on to have the picnic as the sun was setting.

Prince Alexander was wondering where Mary and Sophelia were. He was out of tuna and had nothing to do. He was annoyed at Madame Sophelia once she got back wishing hed been at the picnic too…

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