At Mary’s House
Mary was going to get another cat. She did not know how Sophelia would react to the new addition to the house. She also needed to decide on a name for the second cat.

“Sophelia..” Mary began.
“What is it now? I was having a nap.” Sophelia asked
“I am getting another cat.” Mary continued.
“But I thought you liked me? Why would you want another cat? Sophelia huffed, sad that she might be replaced by another cat.

At The Nearby Cat Shelter/Kennel
The new cat didn’t know what to do with himself. His name was Prince Alexander.
He had a sort of haughtiness about him, a regal air. He was wondering how he’d arrived in a kennel. He was not used to confined spaces. He also wondered when he was going to be fed. It had been weeks since he’d last had tuna. He missed the taste and the fishy smell.

Mary entered the cat shelter. Sophelia had been left at home with three cans of tuna. She wasn’t too worried about Sophelia. She’d be full by the time she got home. She began to walk down the aisle full of cages. She then spotted a fluffy grey cat.

“Hello what’s your name?” Mary asked the fluffy cat. The cat was confused. It was not used to humans talking to him.
“My name is Prince Alexander. Pleasant to meet you.” Prince Alexander responded not sure the human would understand him.
“Hello Prince Alexander. Could I call you Alex instead?” Mary asked.
“No. It is Prince Alexander. No nicknames allowed.” Prince Alexander replied.
“Oh okay. Would you like to go to my house for tuna? All you can eat tuna.”
“I would love tuna human.”
“Then It’s settled. Tuna will await you. Let me just ask someone to take you home. Hang in there Prince Alexander!” Mary said a bit reluctantly. She was starting to develop a cat reputation and radar.

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