Mary’s Birthday


Sophelia was having fun. Mary was smiling. Sophelia was happy because Mary was so nice to her. She liked Mary and appreciated that Mary looked after her.
Today was Mary’s birthday.

Sophelia had been considering what to get Mary for her birthday. She had brought Mary a live mouse she’d caught that morning. Unfortunately it freaked Mary out and got thrown out rather than accepted as a birthday gift. Sophelia was looking forward to the party. There would be about a dozen of Mary’s friends and her family. They were going to celebrate by buying cake. Sophelia would be having tuna instead of cake. All of Mary’s friends had begun arriving. Sophelia had to remember to meow more. Only Mary knew she could speak like a human.

“Happy Birthday Mary!” Debbie said. Hoping to surprise Mary with a vase.
Sophelia got bored with all the humans talking to Mary. What was she supposed to do for the party? She was getting quite full with all of Mary’s friends bringing a complimentary can of tuna with every gift Mary received.

Sophelia overheard one of Mary’s conversations with her friend Molly. Apparently Molly had compared Sopehlia with an elephant.

“Seriously. I’m not an elephant. I’m a cat.” Sophelia chipped in. Not bemused at all.

A sudden silence fell. The cat had just spoken. Mary closed her eyes. She then opened them to see that two of her friends had fainted. One was screaming her face off. Another was staring at Sophelia who was ashamed to have talked. Mary was going to have to do something otherwise Sophelia would turn up on nine news.

“She’s a cat not an elephant.” Mary began. She was going to have to make her friends believe that Sophelia hadn’t talked.

Then a light flashed outside the kitchen window. Then another light flashed on the veranda. Mary’s friends forgot that Sophelia had talked. A few hours later the party finished.

“That was a close call.” Mary told Sophelia.
“Your telling me that now. But It would have been so cool if they’d known I could hold a decent conversation.” Sophelia huffed.
“How about you have some tuna.” Mary sighed. Amused at Sophelia’s comment.
“Don’t mind if I do. It’s tasty.” Sophelia replied

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