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Farmer Troubles

The pig oinked. The cow mooed. The farmer was busy getting his animals undercover. It was beginning to rain steadily. There was much to do before he could take a well earned break from the dreary weather. The sheep, cows, hens and pigs had to find shelter in the farmer’s shed.

One of the sheep began to make weird noises that annoyed the farmer.
“Hush you sheep.” Humphrey whispered.
“How come Mr Humphrey?” One of the sheep bleeped.
“Talking sheep. How did this happen?” Humphrey was shocked.
“Please don’t eat us.” Another sheep bleeped.
Then something extraordinary happened. The pigs began to neigh. The cows honked and didn’t moo. The hens began to argue with each other.
It was an utter catastrophe.

Humphrey then woke up from his dream.

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