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Madame Sophelia part 5

“This is fun!” Sophelia said.
“What is?” Mary asked.
“Playing with this mouse thingy.” Sophelia replied, getting ready to pounce.
Mary snorted. Somewhat amused at Sophelia’s attempts at playing with the fake mouse she’d brought home. This one was attached to string and had a pole that she used to move the mouse in front of Sophelia.
“Should we name it?” Sophelia asked Mary.
“Name what?” Mary wondered.
“The mouse?” Sophelia
“How about Sam?”
“Sam the mouse.” Sophelia
“Of course.” Mary replied
“That makes so much sense. Won’t it get confused?” Sophelia purred.
“The mouse is an inanimate object. Sam won’t get confused. Don’t you worry Sophelia.” Mary
“I got you sam.” Sophelia said happily with the fake mouse in her claws.
“Tag your it.” Sophelia
Mary smiled at Sophelia.
“Cutie pie” Mary sighed.
“hmm pie… what is this pie you speak of?” Sophelia asked, highly curious.
“Pumpkin pie. Its tasty. Cats don’t eat pie though.” Mary responded.
“Please. Pumpkin pie sounds much better than mice. Could I have some?” Sophelia.
“I’ll go get some…” Mary
“Scrum-dedeli-umptious.” Sophelia

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