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Madame Sophelia part 4

At Mary’s House
Sophelia was bored again.
What was she supposed to do?
She wanted some attention.
Sophelia interrupted Mary’s tea party.
“Cup of tea please!” Sophelia demanded.
“You are a cat. Cats don’t have tea.”
“What’s your point? I’ll have have tea because I want tea.!” Sophelia replied
Mary took a small cup and filled it with tea. She then put it in front of Sophelia.
“It’s too hot.” She complained.
“Of course it is… it’s tea. It’s supposed to be hot.”
“Too much sarcasm.” Sophelia joked.
“Har Har” Mary replied

The next day Mary brought home a cat toy.
Sophelia did not know what to do with it.
“What is that supposed to be?” Sophelia asked Mary
“It’s a fake mouse.” Mary replied.
“Is that supposed to be funny?” Sophelia wondered
“I thought you’d be surprised…” Mary said
“I am… But I would prefer a real mouse.” Sophelia huffed.
“I don’t want to have real mice in my house you will have to get used to fake mice.” Mary sighed.

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