Madame Sophelia part 3


It was time to explore the neighborhood!
Where to start? Sophelia was stuck with making the decision
She would visit the house next door.
Oh no!
There was a dog yapping away in the yard. A fence was the only thing keeping it away from Sophelia.

She then went to check the other house next door. There were two cats that were prowling around.

“Greetings fellow cats”
“Do you speak cat or human?”
“I guess I will have to revert to cat language”
“Meow Meow Meow” Sophelia began the conversation
“Meow?” one of the cats replied
“Yes of course that makes sense.” Sophelia said, fascinated.
The two cats have a private conversation. They had to reach a decision.
“Meow Meow” One of them said to Sophelia
They then began to hunt for mice around the neighbor’s house. They made sure to avoid the dog. It was quite annoying to begin with.

Mary was back in the house wondering where Sophelia was. She was back in time to see Sophelia humming to herself. She was tired from looking for mice in the neighborhood.
“Did you have fun? Did those cats also speak english?” Mary asked Sophelia
“Unfortunately no. They only speak cat.” Sophelia replied.

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