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Madame Sophelia Part 1

The Adventures of Madame Sophelia

One Day in May
There sat a cat.
But not just any cat!
It was a kind, compassionate cat.
Her name?
Madame Sophelia!

At the nearby Cat Haven
“I’m a cat”
“Why is the cat talking?” Mary asked a staff member
“It’s not talking. Are you okay?” Henry replied, concerned.
“I can hear cats. They aren’t all sugar.” Mary whispered to herself.
Mary was confused. She had a secret power. The power to hear cats!
Cats that enjoy chasing fake mice and lying in the sun.
“I’ll take that one.” She said, pointing at Sophelia

In the Car
“Silly goose” said Mary.
“I’m not a goose! I’m a cat.” said Madame Sophelia
“Cats can’t talk?”
“Well, obviously I can.”

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