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A Journey to nowhere

The first thing you notice is the heat. The air is dry and your throat begins to itch. Flies buzz in your ear, always out the way when you try swatting at them.

You wish there was a breeze. But there isn’t. The heat travels upwards, uninterrupted and leaves you sweating heavily. No clouds in the sky, no promise of rain.

You continue walking, hours pass.

You begin to wonder, Where are you going?

You notice that you are thirsty.

Why are you on this journey to begin with?

The sun begins to set.

The path you are taking begins to become clearer as you walk.

Plants and trees give way to familiar houses. Animals leave and in their place are people you know, people who love and support you. You finally feel safe. There is a stream and well nearby. A well-tended garden. You finally feel comfortable. Your family surrounds you. Your mother hugs you and father pats your back. Everyone smiles and thanks you for caring and supporting them. You are finally home.

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