Tuna to Go Fish


Sophelia the cat was bored. She had nothing to do. She was going to explore the neighbourhood. She could play with fake mice or go on a stroll. Decisions decisions!
Mary was no fun since she tended to ignore her meows. Humans were so peculiar!
“You are no fun” (Sophelia)
“Really?” (Mary)
“Yes” (Sophelia)
“All you do is feed me.” (Sophelia)
“Aren’t you glad?” (Mary)
“It’s bland food. Not restaurant quality.” (Sophelia)
“What’s your point? Your a cat.” (Mary)
“That doesn’t change anything. I want tuna. Give me tuna!” (Sophelia)
“You have to ask nicely.” (Mary)
“Pretty please with a mouse on top!” (Sophelia)
“I’ll buy you some tuna” (Mary)
“Finally!” (Sophelia)
Mary left the house to get Sophelia’s much awaited tuna.

“She’s left the building. Now where are those mice hiding?” (Sophelia)

Sophelia then broke into song:

“I see fishes, fishes in my dreams! I see fishes, fishes as can be! If only it was not a dream. Fishes I would be. Fishing fun for everyone! This would be as fun. If fishes were fun. I’d had all but none. For fishes are fishes and I have none.”

Mary arrived half way through her song.

“Wow I did not know you could sing.” (Mary)

“I practice whenever you leave.” (Sophelia)

“Your tuna awaits you.” (Mary)

“Much thanks. Meow Meow Meow” (Sophelia)

Announcement 10: December 2017

Wow it’s been another year! So much has happened since I last made an announcement. There are a few things I’d like to mention in this announcement.

Firstly, Trail of Crystal Waters is now published! It’s a short story so It’s not exactly a novel. I am using it to try out amazon kindle. I am still unsure how well it will fair being on the internet. I meant to have it submitted to a short story competition but most of the 2017 writing competitions for speculative/science fiction have already finished! If it doesn’t go well on Kindle I might just take it off after a month or two. It really depends on whether people think it’s worth $4 per read.

Secondly, I am writing a novel now. Portals of Edris is the title. It’s pretty much a fantasy novel. I have written about four pages so far. Each of the pages have a subtitle. Once I have it at about 20 pages I am considering posting the prologue as an excerpt.

Thirdly, I will be working on “The Adventures of Madame Sophelia”. This will feature my cat as the main character. Please feel free to look at the page which in the main menu. This will show posts related to the Children’s book. The main posts will be deleted if I decide to submit the children’s book to a publisher.

Lastly, I will be busy looking for writing opportunities for 2018. I hope to add to the publications page for each successful publication. Australia has a few literary magazines and I am eager to write fiction and nonfiction to be published.

I would greatly appreciate if people comment or give suggestions. For the weekly posts I am looking for some writing prompts to get my creative juices flowing.

It’s nearly Christmas! Wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. Light the menorah too! I will most likely post another announcement in the first week of January once New Years has passed. Best Wishes for the New Year!

A Journey to nowhere

The first thing you notice is the heat. The air is dry and your throat begins to itch. Flies buzz in your ear, always out the way when you try swatting at them.

You wish there was a breeze. But there isn’t. The heat travels upwards, uninterrupted and leaves you sweating heavily. No clouds in the sky, no promise of rain.

You continue walking, hours pass.

You begin to wonder, Where are you going?

You notice that you are thirsty.

Why are you on this journey to begin with?

The sun begins to set.

The path you are taking begins to become clearer as you walk.

Plants and trees give way to familiar houses. Animals leave and in their place are people you know, people who love and support you. You finally feel safe. There is a stream and well nearby. A well-tended garden. You finally feel comfortable. Your family surrounds you. Your mother hugs you and father pats your back. Everyone smiles and thanks you for caring and supporting them. You are finally home.

Madame Sophelia

Mary was going to buy a cat. How was she going to choose?
There were cats with or without fur. Cats of any colour from white to black. There were short hair and long hair.
There were smalls kittens to older cats
So many choices her head might explode!

She then heard a meow that sounded different from the rest. She wondered where it was coming from. She walked further along the row of cats when she came across a tabby cat.
The cat had the cutest face!
Mary knew this was the cat for her!

They arrived home an hour later. Mary was thrilled to have a cat!
What was she going to name her?
There was so many names that would be good for a cat
From A to Z. Any name starting with an S
Sophelia was going to be the cat’s name!

Sophelia was a cute cat
She had whiskers and a tail.
Her favorite food was tuna!
Her coat was brown and black. While the front was as white as snow

The first thing Mary found out about Sophelia shocked Mary.
The cat could talk!
The second thing she found out was that Sophelia was highly adventurous!

The Silence

The silence in the room was as thick as custard. A slight breeze gave the room some vitality and lightened the heavy atmosphere. Two women sat opposite each other. One wore a red dress and the other a checkered blouse. Neither one spoke. No words were needed to express their emotions or thoughts towards each other.

The lady in red began to smile. It completely transformed her face. Her name was Sandra. She was very insistent when expressing her opinion to the other lady, Delia. Sandra and Delia knew each other through their work as psychologists. They both were had begun meeting on mondays since July. It was now December.

Each Monday they spent catching up. Sandra was more outgoing compared to Delia. She dominated the conversation more often and it was the reverse for Delia. Delia did not mind. She thirsted to continue the conversation as long as possible. She was a very attentive listener.

One day Sandra came to Delia’s house highly distressed
“I’ve been fired!” (Sandra)
“Oh no!” (Delia)
“I’m so distraught!” (Sandra)
“Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?” (Delia)
“Not really” (Sandra)

Delia was there to comfort Sandra. They spent the rest of the evening talking about cats.

“I have two cats” (Sandra)
“Cool, I only have one cat.” (Delia)
“What’s her name?” (Sandra)
“Her name is Sophie, what about yours?” (Delia)
“Shadow and Missy.” (Sandra)

The conversation continued for another hour. The sun began to set so they took the conversation inside Delia’s house. They went back to talking about work. Sandra needed to find a new job and Delia was determined to helping Sandra finding one. It was not going to be an easy task.