First published story on Kindle

Trail of Crystal Waters is now available to read on Kindle. Wait until the price is $4. If you don’t think it’s worth $5 I’ll consider changing the price. The lowest I’ll go is $2. For other short stories I’ll hopefully be submitting them to magazines. This is just to showcase that I can write […]

When Opportunity Knocks

They kept greeting me at the door and I was confused that so many people were visiting my house tonight. The house was going to be jam packed at this rate! I could not believe how many people had turned up. It was unprecedented, that’s for sure. Somehow I was going to have to keep […]

Tea for cats

“It’s time for tea Sophie!” said Mary. “Already?” replied Sophie. “Of course. It’s always tea time.” Mary responded. “Well I’m sick of tea. I’m a cat. Cat’s don’t like tea.” “Who’s to say cats don’t like tea?” Mary asked, somewhat confused. “Cats have refined taste if I do say so.” “Well I guess you have […]