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Doctor Who Fandom

So television is a thing. It’s a fascinating world that’s bigger on the inside. I’d say it’s both time consuming yet a nice past-time. My favorite show would have to be Doctor Who. It’s been going on for nearly 50 years.  It existed when television was being shown in black and white. I’d say that’s a great achievement. It’s longevity is guaranteed by the fact that the main character can regenerate. It’s also led onto a world of fan written stories, though not as much as the movie franchise of Harry Potter.  Harry Potter is one of my favorite fanfiction world by the way! I’m just all over that sort of thing. I never really enjoyed how it ended… no spoilers.

Doctor Who has finally traversed a great milestone. The main character is now a female! This has opened up many avenues and yet it has probably negatively impacted the fan base. This is a magnanimous step by the producers. It likely has open up the discussion around the equality of men and women. Or I would hope it would. I’d still back off from commenting on this subject though.

Doctor Who is probably going to hopefully make it to the 100th anniversary. I’m hoping to still be alive when this happens. I’ve still got at least the first 8 classic seasons to get through. I only started watching the series when the 9th doctor, Chris Eccelston was the Doctor.

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