Calling all Cats

Calling all cats to attend a meeting! It’s time to see which cat can be the star of a children’s book. Too many to choose! Calling cats to be cute too. Of course Sophie wins. She’s my cat, and a cute one as well. Great that I did not have to look too far. Sophie […]

Writing and Editing

As I’m taking the semester off university I’m considering writing a book and 10 short stories. I’ll also be practicing editing skills in order to edit other people’s work. It’s still just a thought at the moment and a bunch of random ideas floating around. Hopefully can get published. Wish me luck!


Be still. Calm down. Patience and Humility. Watch the flowers blooming. See how blue the sky and sea are. Keep still. Concentrate and Meditate. One thought only. Sing and whistle a happy tune. Congratulations. You just meditated.  

Harry Potter Fanfiction Here’s a story I started awhile ago. I’m thinking of continuing it. I keep becoming a Ravenclaw on Harry potter related forums by the way!

Painting Together

Painting together can be romantic. Two people painting a stroke each on a blank canvas. Each stroke is worth a day. Each canvas starts off blank. Everyone’s canvas will be different once it’s completed. Yet the most fascinating painting is one that is collaborated on. One that has more than one artist, more than one […]