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Article Series

I have been considering doing article series rather than just posting randomly. Below is a list of 20 series, the last three which I have not decided on. Most posts will be linked to a series or a general update (Writing projects, published Magazine Articles/Reviews, Goals & website revisions). Feel free to suggest a series or which one I should focus on for a specific week.

I will be posting in series 1 sometime this week, about the book I’ve been reading. It will be mainly about the book, The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck and its relevancy to current events in today’s society.

Best wishes for the Holidays! Hope everyone has a brilliant Christmas and New Years. Thank you for being interested in the website and my writing! I definitely aim to have posts more frequently!


Article Series

Series 1- Literature- Top 10 Books, Authors (favorites, classics & contemporary)
Series 2- Theatre- Top 10 Plays, Playwrights (favorites, classics & contemporary)
Series 3- Poetry- Top 10 Poems, Poets (favorites, classics & contemporary)
Series 4- Philosophy -Schools/Philosophers (Top 10?)
Series 5-  Languages & Linguistics
Series 6-Cultures, Culture of the everyday
Series 7-  Theatre & Design
Series 8-Writing Process, Inspirations & Projects (Short Fiction, Scripts, Essays, Novels, Vignettes and/or Poetry, Fables)
Series 9- Preferred Genres (Speculative Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy, Magical Realism, Historical etc…?)
Series 10-Contemporary Issues

Series 11-  Sustainability (Environmental Issues & Sustainable Living)
Series 12-  History
Series 13-Sociology & Anthropology
Series 14-Literary, Education & Psychology
Series 15-Technological Innovations (Sciences, Health, Housing, Education, Communication, Travel etc. )& The influence of social media
Series 16-  Life, Lifestyles & Relationships
Series 17-
Series 18-
Series 19-
Series 20-

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