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Announcement 9: August

Weekly Posts

Starting soon, I’ll begin posting responses related to my university readings, electives, interesting topics or things I enjoy. I hope you’ll find these interesting.

Publications & Submissions

I have two short stories I’m focusing on revising. They are both due for submission at the end of August/September. I’m considering spending time during the next break writing stories for next year. That way I only need to focus on revising and editing the following year.

I’ve sent a story to Metior for the next print edition. It’s about how I got interested in Theatre. I don’t know when it will be published since the edtior said the printing was delayed.

I’m reviewing the plays, Frankenstein at Nexus Theatre tonight and next week I’ll be reviewing Circle at Studio 411.

After this post and once I start semester 2, I’ll go back to doing monthly updates.

University- Semester 2

The units I’m taking are:

  • CMS102- Contemporary Culture
  • PRO101- Introduction to Social Media
  • BAR150- Ideas and Identity

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