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Site Updates & Projects

I’ll be updating the website, improving SEO and appearance. I might continue to change the site theme so don’t worry if its difficult to find certain pages.

I’m checking on my various projects and in terms of the writing projects, I’m aiming to finish as many as I can and refine the stories that I wish to publish and/or submit to writing competitions.

Next semester I’m taking a unit on Social Media and Blogging which might give me the excuse to improve the website, write and publicize during semester. Or at least give me the extra time since its related to the unit.

I have events during the winter holidays to plan my writing schedule around so I haven’t finalized it yet. There are some things I need to sort out first, though I will be working on writing and other projects whenever I can block out time during the week. At the moment travelling to places besides University is an issue since I don’t have my P plates yet.

Feedback or suggestions would be great!


2 thoughts on “Site Updates & Projects”

  1. Hey is this social media unit you’re doing PRO101 by any chance? I’m doing this one next semester for the exact same reason!


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