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Update: Theatre Review & Site Plans

Review of Six Characters – Metior Magazine

I was able to see Top and Tail Theatre’s production of Six Characters in Search of An Author last night. The review has just been published on the website of Metior, Murdoch University’s Magazine. Since I wrote the review for the Magazine, I’ll be linking readers to the original article. Sorry for sending you around in circles!

Please give the review a read and consider buying tickets to see the play tonight or tomorrow night!


Upcoming Plans

My last exam was Thursday afternoon so I now have more time for my writing projects, theatre and social events. I’ll be working on a few short stories, add to my novel in progress and develop my script writing. I’ll also be experimenting with themes, genre and style. Semester 2 begins near the end of July, so I need to make the time I have productive!

The site will be updated over the next few days while I sort out a schedule and time management. (checklists are great, but I need to remember to actually look at them) I hope to increase the readership on the website and give subscribers stuff to look forward. Unfortunately so far the site has been mainly for displaying wherever I’ve been published. I’m still working on which writing competitions to enter, most of them require an entry fee though.

Please comment below and give me suggestions for the Monthly Theme, or just to give some feedback. I’d really appreciate it!!!!

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