Review of Women-Thursday showing


I’ve written up my review of Women which was produced by Black Martini Theatre, directed by Jess Serio and written by Chiara Atik. It’s been sent to Metior Magazine and will be published once edited tomorrow. I just need to find photos to send to the editor to add the the review. (as a contributor, WordPress didn’t give me the option to upload images.) I would have preferred to have sent in the review in the early morning, but I didn’t finish it last night (stayed up til 3am) and as a result of the brain fog, having to be succinct and having to alternate between exam review, it took me most of the day to write…

Hopefully my next review (Six Characters in Search of an Author) won’t take as long to write and will be up midmorning/early afternoon before the Friday showing.  I’ll be writing up what can be researchable beforehand though… (like the playwright and Theatre company)

Please have a read of the review once it comes out on Saturday! I have also previously written articles for Metior Magazine about Theatre, a Murdoch Student Theatre Guide and  Plays in June 2016.

Feel free to start or continue a discussion on the website or send me suggestions. 😀


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