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Announcement 8: June 2016

Well, semester 1 for University this year is officially over! I technically still have two exams next week, though this does mean I have time to write while I review for exams. Finally!

In this announcement I’ll be going over my plans for the month in regards to writing and publishing on the website. I’d also like to mention here for people living in Perth that I’ll be reviewing plays at Murdoch University if you are interested in seeing the plays and/or reading my reviews on METIOR magazine.

METIOR Magazine website

This month I am planing on focusing my writing around a theme or topic rather than by form or genre. I mentioned the introduction of having a monthly theme/topic on my previous post if you’d like to see what exactly I’m talking about… I’ll be choosing a monthly theme/topic this week to arrange my writing around for the rest of June.

Monthly Theme/Topic June 3rd

Please give me your suggestions in the comment section and I’ll do a random draw to pick since I get a bit anxious when there’s too many options to choose from…

Since the last announcement which was in April… I have been studying at Murdoch University. I have also begun regularly contributing articles on METIOR Magazine about Theatre and Culture.

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