Announcement 7: April Week 3


Website Updates & Goals

I haven’t been able to dedicate time to longer blog posts or articles so I haven’t published anything the last few weeks on the website. I have been working on my writing projects, task checklists and getting involved with magazines and Theatre Companies. (only at Murdoch University at the moment.) In the second semester of university I’ll be taking a couple web/business related units. I technically only need to do two units to complete my first University year and I haven’t decided if I’d rather do the minimum and have more time to write/get a part time job/exercise etc., fill in a minor or do electives that make up for wanting to do a double degree of Theatre and English Lit/Creative Writing…

Current Goals & Plans

I have been compiling the list of competitions which I can add to a Submissions Calendar. This will most likely be a combination of writing tasks/focus on my main Writing projects and deadlines for Short term Projects (1-2 magazines, the website, Theatre Articles/Reviews/Interviews or Short Fiction.) I’ll only include the competitions I think I can do/have time for.  I’ll be easing into it, since I don’t want to give up just because there’s too many things to concentrate on.

Writing Processes & Techniques:

Living in a Realm of Chaos

I have a couple of boxes that I put in loose ideas or writing prompts. One big box is used for the ideas (I’ve separated them into different categories, such as Genre, Theme, Topic, Dialogue or a Dream Log etc.) and then I have a second box for prompts, challenges, questions and Writing criteria (checklists).  I can either focus on one of the ideas, combine them or do a mix n match with the main elements of writing. (Choose the form, then work my way down the elements). I’ll end up using a bunch of sandwich bags and labeling them… This is one of the techniques I’m using to ease the writing process/creating my own writing system. This technique might not work for everyone. Give it a try and see if it works for you!

I tend to like a mix of organisation and chaos. Not to rigid and not too loose. It’s exhilarating, yet also daunting thinking about all the possibilities and worlds to explore when writing. I don’t like having too many options to choose from, so the one I narrow it down for a particular article, story or script I’m writing; then the better I do with completing the project/task I’ve set up. So It’s nice to find ways of making writing more enjoyable and relaxing instead of becoming more prone to procrastination or anxiety. I’ve been getting too stuck in the planning/organisation side of things instead of putting aside time to just write or developing my existing writing projects. As I reflect, I continually find there are things to improve and focus on. I certainly haven’t done enough writing to develop a specific style or flair. So hopefully that will arise in the future.

Main Project Updates

  • I currently have three essays to complete for university so I when it comes to my normal writing it’s a bit difficult to stay focused.
  • I have one script in progress, it’s a bit of a mix between being Science Fiction and environmental. (I’m on the first page… The dialogue and stage directions are quite simple, but its only the first draft. There’s four main characters and their very two dimensional unfortunately.)
  • I have one novel in progress, it’s mainly fantasy and is supposed to be for either teens and/or children. (Only on the prologue, since I still need to develop the main characters and work on the dialogue.) I’m going to have a Q&A brainstorm session soon…

Short Term Project Updates

  • I’ll be writing articles for the Murdoch University Magazine METIOR. I need to see what exactly I’ll write about…though I have told the editor my main focus is on Short Fiction and anything Theatre Related.
  • I’ve had a couple responses from Murdoch Theatre Companies about writing articles/reviews and/or interviews in the METIOR. I’ve been invited to one of the upcoming play’s rehearsals, though they need to consult. Another has said to wait for the Media Press Release (2nd May)

Upcoming Publications

  • Rose on The Horizon (Website): I’ll try and choose a couple prompts/challenges to complete each week (or every fortnight). They might be bit mediocre and short before they improve in length/quality.
  • Magazines-METIOR: There should hopefully be one or two published articles in May. The last submission deadline for the next print edition was 22nd April and I unfortunately didn’t have anything completed in time. I’ll ask/see if I can publish anything their website in future.
  • Theatre Articles: I don’t know currently what the deadlines will be… I’ll have another update next week and hopefully I’ll know by then.

Q & A Sessions or Discussions

  • Feel free to ask me questions
  • Feel free to give me a writing challenge or a question for me to respond to.
  • Discuss in the comment session or the Discussion forum on topics/issues raised on the website or to bring up topics/issues you’d like to be explored.

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