When things don’t go as you planned


Events and problems arise when you don’t want them to. It’s best to just plan for what you can control rather than events that are unpredictable. Like believing you’ll have time to go to a birthday party, submit an essay, get all the house cleaning done or post to a website daily…

Most things can be planned for, in some way. While others will always be out of our control. So don’t stress over the events and problems you can’t manage or predict. It’ll get quite irritating if you try to plan for anything and your week still doesn’t happen like you wanted.

Time management skills and life balance tend to be the most difficult to maintain. Since clashes can occur, sometimes you have less time than you first thought, events and issues come up that throw your schedule out of balance.

There’s also health, emotional and psychological reasons why things don’t happen as expected. Feeling depressed, anxious or stressed could impact how you react to life’s unexpected downs. Sometimes it could just be a day where you need some emotional support or have someone to comfort you. Then there’s those days where your immune system is down. Being sick definitely can effect your work or study efficiency.

When things don’t go as planned, try to not feel too downtrodden. There’s always tomorrow to look forward to. Remember that it’s not your fault that things didn’t go as planned and look for support in family and friends. (Just try not to start overburdening them with your problems all at once. They’ll feel bad if they don’t know how to help you.)


Best wishes and I hope things are going well for you readers. Hopefully things turn out better than you think they will. Have hope!

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