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Moving Houses


    Nobody enjoys cleaning the house for hours, let alone moving houses. All those mementos, keepsakes and photos collected from trips and social events. There’s even those mountains of junk hiding between furniture and in the shed to go through. You may have to get rid of cobwebs, dust and mould which have accumulated over the years. Not everything you discover is physical. Emotions and memories of events are stirred up, some not so pleasant.

     Moving houses can mean new opportunities, new people to meet, old people to rekindle friendships with and a few people are harder to avoid. It can also mean that old commitments are more difficult to keep and it’s a hassle to inform everyone you’ve moved. Moving to a new house incurs many expenses such as paying the bond in advance, Movers to hire, cleaning the old house to be arranged and reconnecting the internet. There’s a worry that problems could arise with either house in the first fortnight. But in the end you settle, even when you believed you wouldn’t at the beginning….

February 15th 2016 entry

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