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Announcement 4:March week 1


      I’ve finally settled from moving houses. I’m also back at university this week. I’ve been attempting to organize events, making goals for the year. It’s finally time to actually start following those goals. The new house doesn’t get internet until Thursday so I’ve been going to university nearly everyday before semester started. This had made is impossible to post everyday.

     The first step/goal for the website this year is to post daily. These entries will most likely be prompted or inspired by daily events in my life. There will be some short stories published here, though I’d prefer for the good ones to be published in journals, magazines or entered in writing competitions.

  The writing projects I began last year/December will still be worked on, though I aim to get more practice in writing daily before I choose which project to focus on exclusively.

Hopefully adding to the blog/website daily will give the website opportunities to expand and gain a wider readership. My writing will also hopefully improve by getting into a daily routine…

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