Moving Houses

      Nobody enjoys cleaning the house for hours, let alone moving houses. All those mementos, keepsakes and photos collected from trips and social events. There’s even those mountains of junk hiding between furniture and in the shed to go through. You may have to get rid of cobwebs, dust and mould which have […]

Announcement 3: February Week 2

I’m back from America now. I’ve been busy with packing the house, I move this weekend. I’ll be writing daily from Monday 15th onwards. I also will post regularly, mainly things inspired by my current writing projects and my thoughts. (like flash fiction, articles or experimental etc.) Keep an eye on Publications and updates (2 […]

Announcement 2: February Week 1

February 2nd 2016 I’ve been visiting family in the US so I’ve been unable to post regularly. I have submitted a couple stories to hopefully be published. I’ll get back to writing daily when I get back to Australia. I’m not fully into using this website for blogging at the moment.