I graduated from an English and Creative Writing Undergraduate in July 2021. I’m working on becoming a writer and currently studying Accounting at TAFE, in Perth WA. (Hopefully combining or using both wherever my career takes me)

I’ll be mainly working on writing projects in a file (not on my computer) dedicated to works in progress/manuscripts. I’ll still be able to post my writing, most likely after I’ve attempted to submit for competitions/publishing opportunities. I’ll consider adding tasters of my novels in progress, but I make no guarantees.

Hopefully in the future, my writing will be published in journals and magazines. I might even have ebooks and books in print!

Besides short stories, I also aim to post topical stories and reviews. Topical stories will be more like creative journalism and based around a theme. I’ll be writing reviews on books and the Arts (next year for a Sci Fi magazine)


Best online photo editor, collage maker and designer!

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  1. cindyfazzi

    Lots of luck on your writing!

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